Led Varela: The time has come, I want to save on Bitcoin

Led Varela, a well-known Venezuelan comedian, was the last famous person to get on Bitcoin’s trolley.

After Maise Williams, the popular actress from Game of Thrones, went out yesterday to ask about Bitcoin on her Twitter, Led Varela, a popular Venezuelan comedian, is the next celebrity to join Bitcoin’s euphoria to announce via Twitter that he wanted to „save on Bitcoin.

Varela, who is active doing comedy shows throughout the Americas, used his Twitter account with over 388,000 followers to ask the „don bitcoin and doña bitcoin“ who were on the network to help him determine the most reliable way to save on Bitcoin.


Varela’s tweet saw a lot of comments, especially from the Venezuelan crypto community. Some recommended that he use the ‚Dollar Cost Averaging‘ technique and buy a fixed amount every fortnight. Others advised Led to be „patient“ and buy when there is a sharp drop in the market. The popular word „FOMO“ also came up, explaining to Led if he was really letting go of the bullish sentiment that was around Bitcoin or if he was aware of saving long term with the market’s main cryptomoney.

What was a massive reaction was the recommendation to study and learn more about what Bitcoin really has to offer. A number of Podcasts, articles and various introductory videos were left in response to Varela’s tweet from most of the community.

As of this writing, the price of Bitcoin is at $17,479, up 4.87% in the last few hours.

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