American tech company buys BTC from power

The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $10.893.93. That’s 3.11% more than 24 hours ago. If you want to buy bitcoin for $100 now, you will get about 0.0092 BTC for this.

The total market cap is $201,668,976,856.50 with a circulation of 18,512,050 BTC.

Tech Company Square buys 4,709 Bitcoin with 1% of total power

Square has bought $50 million worth of bitcoin (BTC). The 4,709 are about 1% of the total assets of the company.

The step of the company is a logical one. At the helm is Jack Dorsey, besides CEO of Twitter and Square he is also an avid bitcoiner.
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Hackers Bitfinex from 2016 move another $26 million to Bitcoin (BTC)

The Bitfinex hackers are active again. Yesterday, more than $26 million of Bitcoin was moved. Four years ago, they took it from the hack of the Bitfinex crypto exchange.

It involves a total of seven transactions. Because the blockchain is transparent and open, everyone can see it. Therefore, there are data bots that had marked these UTXOs. Whale Alert reported these transactions. The last time the stolen Bitcoin was set in motion was in August.

The total of $26 million was cut up into several parts. Six of yesterday’s seven transactions were between $4.1 and $4.8 million. There was also one smaller transaction of approximately $12,000.

America comes up with clear guidelines to enforce rules around Bitcoin

William Barr, the U.S. Secretary of Justice, published the official guidelines for bitcoin markets. These are mainly about the responsibilities that, for example, stock exchanges have in the industry.

The ‚Cyber-Digital Task Force‘ has compiled the guidelines. The official name for the rules is Cryptocurrency: An Enforcement Framework.
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